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Learning to Swim

Southern Oregon Parent Recommendations


Do you know of individuals who are skilled in working with kids with sensory processing challenges, autism, developmental delay, cerebral palsy, or other special needs? We are looking for your (our awesome client families) recommendations for the best swimming instructors, educational tutors, music teachers, hairstylists, etc! As therapists, we know that our families are our best resources and would like to facilitate a platform for your suggestions. Please email us so we can add your recommendation to the list!


  • Cookie Cutters, Medford

  • Tara Lee Short at Short Kutz Barbershop and Salon in Medford: 541-500-1829

Educational Tutoring:

Swim Instructors:

  • Barbara Houck, Medford

  • Michelle Delepine, YMCA

Activities Open to Kids with Special Needs:



  • AllCare Reddy Ride Mileage Reimbursements, $0.25 a mile. 1-800-479-7920

  • Jackson Care Connect Translink Mileage Reimbursements, $0.25 a mile. 541-842-2060

Primary Physicians:

  • Dr. Mueller at Eagle Point Pediatrics, 541-830-4060

    • "...great with kids with special needs and talks to the kids at their level,"

Southern Oregon Parent Recommendations: Our Services
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