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Both local and national events in our country have brought to light the many ways in which race influences the health and safety of everyone in our community. We at Medford Children's Therapy, perhaps like many of you, have been pushed to ask hard questions about how and why this continues to happen, and also what we can do to better the situation.

In 2019, we created an Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) Team which works to identify knowledge gaps and biases within our agency and provide educational opportunities to support necessary change. We know this is one of many steps to help raise the bar as an organization and within our community to allow all to feel safe and included.

We also look to Medford Children's Therapy’s mission and values to help focus our efforts in ways that both align with our foundation as an organization and respond to the call for action and change.

MCt’s Mission

We work to positively impact kids, families, and our community by providing comprehensive therapy services in an innovative and collaborative environment, with an unwavering commitment to the removal of financial barriers for all.

In order for us to effectively serve all of the families who need our services, we know that we have more learning to do, and are committed to doing our part.

MCT's Values 

WE ARE FAMILY CENTERED, not just in words but in practice. We believe no one exists in isolation and we seek to provide services and create an atmosphere that honors connections with each other and the outside world.

We are especially reminded at this time that constructs such as race and ethnicity cannot divide the connections that we share and the ways in which our lives impact one another.

WE DARE TO DREAM. We believe the seemingly impossible just might be possible. We inspire hope and continually look for creative ways to help our clients realize their dreams.

This is a time in history when we’re being asked to envision new ways of relating, supporting, seeing, and hearing one another, and we strive to bring open minds and hearts to allow this dreaming to continue.

WE ARE COMMITTED TO EQUITY AND INCLUSION. We recognize each individual requires different conditions to thrive, and provide an environment which affirms the dignity, worth, and belonging of all.

Inclusivity and equity have always been core values and primary motivators in the decisions that we make as an organization, and we take pride in knowing that our doors remain open to all. Nevertheless, we are being called at this time to identify our blind spots, invest in learning opportunities, and have honest conversations about how we could do better at inviting in families from diverse backgrounds who may not have felt welcomed in the past.

WE OVERCOME OBSTACLES. We recognize the convoluted nature of healthcare, and support families in understanding and accessing the care they need. Through scholarships, sliding scale fee schedules, and resource connection, we assist families in overcoming financial barriers to care.

We work tirelessly to support our clients and families in order to reduce barriers to care.

WE ARE COMPASSIONATE. We continually seek to gain a deeper understanding of the strengths, joys, and difficulties experienced by others, and meet these shared human experiences with kindness and respect.

Compassion arises from the willingness to turn toward difficult or painful experiences and meet others with kindness and care. We offer support to one another and those we serve in order to allow each of us to face challenging times with courage and authenticity and allow for healing and strength to emerge.

WE VALUE THE EXPERIENCE and continued professional development of all employees to provide the most effective treatment for each family.

Our IDEA Team will lead the way in identifying beneficial learning opportunities for everyone at our agency, leading to both professional and personal growth and development

WE INVEST IN OUR TEAM. We foster employment practices that honor the unique needs and celebrate the diverse passions of our staff, and support the professional development of our team to effectively meet the complex and evolving needs of our clients and families.

We understand the importance of celebrating the needs and passions of each of our team members. We strive to learn those and meet them with support them to our fullest ability.

WE VALUE HONESTY, INTEGRITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, AND TRANSPARENCY in all interactions with our families, each other, and the community.

This is a time like no other when we’re being asked to re-evaluate the ways in which we interact with others, and are dedicated to being a part of the solution.

In recent years, we have been pushed to call forth more ingenuity, resilience, and adaptability in our lives than most of us ever imagined, and we have come together as a community in order to prevail. It is with many of these same qualities that we rise to meet the challenges we currently face with regard to racism and discrimination, in order to create a more safe and just community for all.

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